Who are you?

I am Kristopher Nelson, a legal analyst (JD) focused in my professional life on disability discrimination and civil rights. I’m also almost already done with a PhD in the history of science (on the historical impact of technology on privacy law in the United States). In a prior life, I was a web developer and systems administrator.

During the pandemic, I started a new hobby: sending freedom of information requests to state government entities and publishing anything I get back.

What are you doing?

I am requesting public information and public records from government entities using their own state laws. In some cases this means arguing, fighting, or sometimes just paying out money. Rather than the federal government, I am choosing to focus on state and local governments in the United States  as these smaller entities are critical players in our democracy but, with the loss of many local media outlets, are often ignored in big, nationwide transparency efforts. Join me to free the records!

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Kristopher Nelson

JD (disability/civil rights). Analyst @trelegal. PhD Cand (hist impact of tech on privacy law). Was adjunct, dev, sysadmin. En/es/fr. He/him. Not your lawyer.